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Song Review - Mu Kalia Ra Pujarini - A Soulful Odia Jagannath Bhajan

  Video Song Review of "Mu Kalia Ra Pujarini" Prepare to come on-board on an extraordinary musical journey as we delve into the beautiful world of Odia music with " Mu Kalia Ra Pujarini ". This soulful Odia bhajan, is released on the eve of Jagannath Rath Yatra of 2023, and as per my review is a masterpiece that will transport you to sphere of divine devotion and heartfelt emotions. Are you wondering what is the meaning of " Mu Kalia Ra Pujarini "? It means " I am the Priestess of Kalia "! Lord Jagannath is referred as Kalia out of love by almost all population of Odisha. Captivating Lyrics and Melodies: Sasmal Manas is not unknown personality. His writings has spellbound readers for decades now. He has penned the heartfelt and evocative lyrics of this song that beautifully express the depths of love and devotion. This pairing of Manas and brilliant composition by Sambit Dash, every verse of "Mu Kalia Ra Pujarini" resonates with an irr