Song Review - Mu Kalia Ra Pujarini - A Soulful Odia Jagannath Bhajan


Video Song Review of "Mu Kalia Ra Pujarini"

Prepare to come on-board on an extraordinary musical journey as we delve into the beautiful world of Odia music with "Mu Kalia Ra Pujarini". This soulful Odia bhajan, is released on the eve of Jagannath Rath Yatra of 2023, and as per my review is a masterpiece that will transport you to sphere of divine devotion and heartfelt emotions. Are you wondering what is the meaning of "Mu Kalia Ra Pujarini"? It means "I am the Priestess of Kalia"! Lord Jagannath is referred as Kalia out of love by almost all population of Odisha.

Captivating Lyrics and Melodies:

Sasmal Manas is not unknown personality. His writings has spellbound readers for decades now. He has penned the heartfelt and evocative lyrics of this song that beautifully express the depths of love and devotion. This pairing of Manas and brilliant composition by Sambit Dash, every verse of "Mu Kalia Ra Pujarini" resonates with an irresistible charm Immersing in a sea of emotions is not a choice, it seems. The fusion of traditional Odia elements with contemporary musical arrangements , that hallmarks this composition, creates a unique blend that is refreshing.

Mesmerizing Vocals:

Rina Rani Pradhan, a relatively lesser known singer in Odia industry, with her mesmerizing voice, adds a magical touch to this soulful bhajan. Well she with this song most likely will knock many doors in the odia music world that may open up newer avenue for her. Her heartfelt rendition brings out the true essence of the lyrics, leaving a lasting impact on the listener's soul. The depth and purity of her vocals create an intimate connection. Her vocal perfomance makes "Mu Kalia Ra Pujarini" an unforgettable musical experience.
Spiritual Bliss and Uplifting Vibes:
Well, do you want to be swept away by the waves of spiritual serenity that pops up through every note of this bhajan? You will not be disappointed! The melodic progression and well articulated production by Sambit Dash create an atmosphere of tranquility and devotion. As the divine soundscapes unfold, you'll find yourself uplifted and carried away on a ethereal journey .

Immersive Visuals:

Sambit Dash, a master of his craft, has not only composed and arranged the music but also showcased his talent in videography and post-production. The accompanying visuals perfectly complement the soulful Odia bhajan, capturing the essence of the Jagannath Rath  Yatra and adding a visual dimension to the experience. Although theoretically this release is labelled a a "Studio Version" yet some expertly crafted VFX shots amplifies the emotional impact of the music.

Join the Divine Celebration!

"Mu Kalia Ra Pujarini" is an invitation from the producers to participate in the divine celebration of Jagannath Rath Yatra. Its release on the eve of this auspicious festival is a proof to its significance and the joyous spirit it tries to reflect. As you immerse yourself in this soulful Odia bhajan, you become a part of the celebrative festivities, feeling the energy and devotion that surround the occasion.

What Could have been improved?

The need of A complete version in movie format with professional actor/actress was felt! 

All other departments seems to be coming out well

To Conclude!

samNsan Music Productions (@manaragita) invite you to experience the spirituality of "Mu Kalia Ra Pujarini" and let its divine melodies touch your heart and soul. The song can be found on this YouTube video link!

Did you listen to it? Let us know your comments!


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